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By April 5, 2016Promotem
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Fresh content is a powerful tool for increasing audience engagement and driving profitable customer interaction. Plus Google rewards sites that produce relevant content with better search rankings.

Promotem creates fresh content that entertains, educates and persuades.

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Web pages

It’s no longer just how your web pages look but more importantly how relevant and informative they are to your target audience. We regularly refresh your web pages to make sure they are highly searchable and useful.

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Videos capture your audience’s attention in a quick and easy-to-understand way. We can help you create Q&A, interview and demonstration videos and by uploading them to Vimeo and YouTube can boost your search rankings.

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Case studies

Case studies are a compelling way to sell your product or services to a potential customer. Include specific examples, supported results and client testimonials to show off the successful work you’ve completed for others.

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A news section is a place to publish press releases and any specific news items concerning your company. As well as keeping your existing customers update to date with new products and services it is also a great way to increase your brand awareness.

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Blogs are written in an informal and conversational style. Your blog might contain tips & tricks, product reviews, lists, interviews and other content that aims to appeal to your target audience.

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Social media content

Let us help you get active on social media. Take advantage of the broad spectrum of social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube etc. Enabling you to promote your content but also interact with your target audience.

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White Papers

White papers are extended articles providing in-depth, fact-based information on a particular topic. Perfect for demonstrating thought leadership and sharing industry specific data and insights.

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Testimonials help businesses build trust with their target audiences. Encouraging existing customers to share positive experiences can help appeal to new prospects.

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Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) are still the most effective internet communications tool, especially when it is linked to the full story on your websites blog or news page. We connect full analytics to your EDMs so we know who’s looking.

Have you looked at your website lately, thinking there is a need to add fresh content, but wondered what it could be or where it could go. Let us help you!

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